My old man was never one to give meaningful life lessons. On a normal day, he was too drunk to know the difference between a throw pillow and his own son. On a bad day, he was so drunk he could hardly move. Times like those usually lasted for up to three days, in which […]

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Silvestre mi amor

Mak walked down the alleyway, his hands in his pocket and his hoodie drawn over his head. Although the alleyway was dark, he didn’t carry a torch. That would startle his prey. He turned a corner and another corner, moving swiftly yet making sure his footsteps wasn’t heard. Then he stopped and looked up. I […]

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Planned Randomness

From the first moment I set my eyes on him, I knew he would be trouble. Tall, dark glasses, black hoodie jacket on black jeans, impeccably white canvas, and an incredibly disturbing smile whenever I locked eyes with him, he seemed to be oozing discomfort. He always seemed to be around me. As I walked […]

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Sir Bushytail the third

As I hung from the branch, arms and legs wrapped around the thick, wooden limb, my body riddled with numerous splinters and cuts, and the ground a few hundred feet below me, a solitary, crystal clear thought cut through the wild tangle of pain and confusion that swarmed my mind like a hot knife through […]

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Philosophical Umbrella

“Guys, have you seen my book?” “Check my bag.” Following Ayo’s advice, Labi walked over to Chionye, who was on a WhatsApp call with her boyfriend. She had put her small bag in Ayo’s backpack and was wearing it as she walked around the room. “I don’t really have power now, I am trying to […]

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As the sun slowly rose over the small town, Rez sat in his cell, thinking. He hadn’t slept all night, didn’t see any reason why he needed to, considering he would be sleeping for a long, long time after today. The chains on his hand gave him some measure of freedom to move, but that […]

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The warm morning sunlight shone through the large window of the Cafe. The light caressed my arm in a warm embrace. It was a welcome change from the unnecessary cold due to the air conditioners. It was mid November, for goodness sake. Who still used air conditioners at this time of year? The once warm […]



Once upon a time, but not so long ago, in a kingdom far away, but also quite close by, there lived a young lady named Sheila, who experienced a very curious thing. Now this young lady was the daughter of a very wealthy duke, and also the niece to the king, because the king was […]

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